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Lone Sigurdsson was born in Denmark 1964.
Lone lived and studied in Denmark until 1989,
studying Fine Art History at the University of
Aarhus. During this period of study, she decided
to focus her interest in fine art studio practice,
which had taken precedence during her earlier
studies. She was accepted into the celebrated
Chelsea College of Art & Design, resulting in a
move to London, England. She was awarded a
BA (hons) Sculpture Fine Art degree in 1993.

Lone returned briefly to Denmark to conclude
her BA (hons) in 20th Century Art and Design

& Communication Theory (teacher Training) at
the University of Aarhus, subsequently teaching
both art theory and practice at Gruntvigs
Folkehojskole, Hillerod in Denmark.
She returned to London in the summer of 1995,
where she continues to live with her daughter
and husband, Photographer Andrew Atkinson

During the past decade, Lone's artwork has led
her to explore, new avenues in art & design
practice, creating original concepts of form,

matter, scale and dimension. Returning to the
UK she started working in the "prop" industry

gaining a wide knowledge of media and working
methods. Commissions included: Sculpted body
pieces for the Royal Opera's performance of
Platee, at the Barbican, London (1997), jewels
and treasures for the film "The Mummy" (1998),
and one-off installations for London flagship,
high-street stores: Harvey Nichols, Dickens and
Jones, Selfridges and Ted Baker. She has been
the creator behind many adventurous projects.

Lone has always prioritized working with other
creating people. She has enjoyed successful

collaborations with artist Kerry Stewart, with

With Chalayan she worked behind the scenes
on a number of his most celebrated fashion
shows, creating some of the outstanding
sculptural designs and much publicized dresses.

In 1999 she sculpted a shoulder piece for the
Autumn/Winter collection "Echoform", subse-
quently she realized the Tulle dresses for the
Spring/Summer 2000 show, "Before Minus Now"
and the Autumn/Winter 2001 show "After-
words", before creating a sugar glass piece for
the Spring/Summer 2001 show "Ventriloguy".
She has since worked with Chalayan on the

from designers, Comme des Garcons, Junya
Watanabe, Johji Ymamoto & Hussein Chalayan.
Today Lone Sigurdsson runs her own studio,

producing her fine art sculptures along side
myriad commissioned projects. Her work has
been exhibited in London (The South Bank, The
Affordable Art Fair, Gallery One and special
fashion week events), Prague (the British
Council Window Gallery) and Japan ( )

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In 2000, for her collaboration with photographer
Nick Knight, lone's experience in the fashion
industry was uniquely combined with her studio
practice. During this period she was exploring,

through the immediacy of plastecine, issues of
scale. movement and materiality; miniature
people caught in motion, an idea which worked
perfectly for her interactive web project with
Knight, for his website launch. The resulting
project features a limited edition of plastecine
figurines, photographed by Knight, each repli-
cating a different signature, fashion aesthetic

creation of the new shapes and the profiles for
his Autumn/Winter 2005 Show.

For the Tomlinson film "Pen2Paper" 2004, Lone
transformed Issey Miyake's "on-paper" designs

into haute couture, paper dresses. She has
continued her collaboration with Tomlinson on a
number of jobs, as both art director and 3D
model maker. Collaborative work with Chalayan
and Tomlinson together includes her sculpting
a chocolate figure version of one of Hussein's
designs, which Tomlinson photographed for
Visionaire 29 women (1999).

whom in 1995 she sculpted "Lucy", followed by
"This Girl Bends", "The Manager" and "Gran" in
1999. In 1998 she worked with artist Rose Finn-
, sculpting "souls" for an exhibition at the
Camden Art Centre, London

In more recent years Lone's work has expanded
into fashion. Projects have included working
with much acclaimed, fashion designer Hussein
Chalayan, the Japanese, fashion guru Issey
the groundbreaking photographer
Marcus Tomlinson
and the highly innovative
photographer Nick knight.

About Lone's work:

Hussein Chalayan, fashion designer
"Lone is a gem to work with"

Chris Levine, fine artist
"Lone's work is sublime–it has a stillness that permeates its surrounding space. We have a
piece at home which gives me a quiet pleasure every time my senses register it"

Kerry Stewart, fine artist
"Lone Sigurdsson and I have worked together
on a number of sculptures. The work was
always modelled with great precession and
attention to the initial idea and finished to
a very high level. I cannot recommend her
highly enough"

Marcus Tomlinson, filmmaker and photographer
"The hugely talented Lone allows one
to give a simple brief and receive the
most beautiful outcome– it's called trust"